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1744-1818 Princess Sophie Charlotte

1744 May, 19th: Sophie Charlotte is born in Mirow being the youngest daughter of Prince Charles of Mecklenburg and Elisabeth Albertine of Saxony-Hildburghausen
1761 June: George III., King of Great Britain and Ireland asks for her hand in marriage

June, 17th: Sophie Charlotte's Mother, Elisabeth Albertine, Duchesse of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, consents to the marriage

August, 17th: Sophie Charlotte leaves her home in Mecklenburg. She travels to England by ship. She arrives in London in September.

September, 8th: Sophie Charlotte and George III. marry in the Chapel Royal in London.

September, 22nd: The coronation of Queen Charlotte and King George III. takes place in Westminster Abbey.
1762 August 12th: Their first child is born: George, Prince of Wales. Altogether, the royal couple will have fifteen children, nine sons and six daughters.

George III. and Charlotte move to Buckingham House, later known as Buckingham Palace. In their time it was mainly the Queen who made use of it, that's why it was called 'Queen's House'.
1764 April 25th: Eight-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart debuts in front of the royal couple in London. Mozart dedicates six sonatas for piano and flute or violin, opus 3 (Köchel catalogue 10-15) to Queen Charlotte.
1773 The bird-of-paradise flower is shipped to England, coming from the Cape of Good Hope (South Africa). The flower is named "strelitzia reginae". Queen Charlotte dedicates herself to the science of botany. Adventurers and travellers deliver plants from all over the world.
1795 February: Joseph Haydn is introduced to the royal couple. Particularly the Queen admires his music. The royal couple asks Haydn to stay in England, but Haydn doesn't comply with their request.
1818 November, 17th: Queen Charlotte dies in Dutch House (Kew Palace). She is buried in St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.

King George III. dies on 29 January 1820 after suffering from mental disease for a long time.