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Sophie Charlotte – From a Mecklenburg Princess to Queen of the British Empire

Sophia Charlotte was born in Mirow (Germany) in 1744. The Princess gained extensive knowledge in languages, natural sciences and arts. At an early age her letter to the Prussian King, in which she dispraised the behaviour of the Prussian army in Mecklenburg, caused a sensation. According to legend, King George III. took notice of that and asked her hand in marriage.

At the age of 17 Sophia Charlotte left her Mecklenburg home country and travelled to London. There she married King George III. on 8 September 1761. A fortnight later, on 22 September 1761, the coronation of the married couple took place. Thus, the Mecklenburg Princess Sophia Charlotte became Queen Charlotte.

Queen Charlotte dedicated herself to the upbringing of her 15 children. In addition, she was considered as the patron saint of art and botany. In honour of Queen Charlotte the bird-of-paradise flower was named "Strelitzia reginae" (Strelitzie) - after her birthplace. All over the world there are places named after Queen Charlotte and her regional origin. The government of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and of Mecklenburg County in North Carolina (USA) have been collaborating since 1994.

The capital of Mecklenburg County is Charlotte.